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Mining, Coal and Minerals

Mines for Sale, A Grade Coal, Oil, Gold, RBI, Diamonds and Minerals

Wanted Urgently for Buyers with Proof of Funds: A Grade FOB Richards Bay at RBI +3.5% -
50 000 Metric tons and more
wanted (Sellers must have rail and Slots).
If you can help please contact Louis on 079 872 3339 or email

Operational Coal Mine for sale in Mpumalanga, South Africa  (Updated Dec)

1.         Running concern been supplying Eskom for more than 5 years.

            Current tonnage 200 000 tons per month.

2.         Profitable history.

3.         Mineable reserves .  Opencast and underground mining. Approximately 16 million ton export and 16 million ton for Eskom.

4.         Presently busy with R110 million capex programme (excluding VAT)

            to provide export product and capacity.  Overland conveyor R30 million,

            Washing Plant R40m (150 000 ton per month capacity), 2 Railway sidings to

            ship Eskom and Export coal R30m and Services R10 million.

            Coal export will improve current profitability drastically.

5.         The Selling process:

The Law Firm, have to identify and pre-screen potential buyers.  They will then introduce the selected potential buyers, to the Seller.  The selling transaction will then be handled by an International Bank.

6.         Precondition for introduction to Seller

            The potential Buyer must provide a letter of interest to the Law Firm with 

            details of the Company and demonstrate financial capability to do

            the transaction.  The Lawyers will then arrange a meeting between the

Seller and potential Buyer.

7.         Purchase Price

             Selling Price                R900 million

            Plus: Capex                  R110 million ( depending  on stage of completion )

            Grand Total               R1010 million

Contact: Louis Kearney
Fax: 086 612 4303
Mobile Number: 079 872 3339



  • 100 000 to 150 000 A Grade Coal at FOB, RBI + 3.5%

  • Duff coal wanted for 4 Buyers (Ash 22%, CV 22%) Specs can vary!

  • Run of Mine (ROM) 100 000 PLUS needed per month (A or B Grade)

  • Wanted B Grade FOB Richards Bay

  • Wanted Operational Coal Mines

  • Wanted Operational Manganese mines with off take agreements (50 000 to 100 000 p.m.)

  • GOLD wanted-Nuggets and Gold Dust -SA Buyer (refinery) is ready to buy!


On Offer

  • 150 000 SPOT A Grade Available in RBCT -Asking price $96 + 3.5% (Make an offer)

  • Diamond Buyers wanting to buy legal Diamonds with all paperwork in place

  • Chrome 5 000 and 10 000 tons per month

  • 1 Million Tons A Grade (Export Quality) FOT Price to be negotiated around $60



Ref no. CJ1   

1. This "GREENFIELDS" is available for only R105 000 000
2. We are in possession of the only AVAILABLE ONE reserves report
3. This is one of few "Coking Coal" deposit in SA
4. The  'Greenfields" is at a rail sideline which is on the farm
5. 'n Power station is being built on the Limpopo, 55km from the farm
6.Thee seam runs right through the farm onto the two adjacent farms
7. A good road network exists to the "Greenfields"
8. Enough labor and accommodation already exists
9. Application of the license has already been submitted and we can speed up the application
10. This is a BARGAIN of the Century
11. We arrange the "TTM"

Ref  no. CJ2


Herewith the info for your attention:

The above-mentioned Greenfields is covering 7000 ha of land

The test results show that there is at a rate of 150m/t per month,
sufficient ore for 42 years.

All the relevant documentation to start operational mining is in place and
mining operations will commence shortly.

All the specs are available and other results.

 The BEE and permits are in place.

A due diligence will also be available.

The owner is willing to sell 90% of the Greenfields at $2.25 billion USD.

If the group is interested in buying the share and the owner remains as
stakeholder they can show their interest by letting us have a LOI with
 permission and details for seller to do a soft probe.

If they do have POF in place any instrument will be acceptable as long as it
is authentic and original.

The moment we have the LOI and POF in place we will move to TTM phase where
the seller will put all the documents on the table.

Ref no. CJ3

Type of Mine: COAL
Asking Price: R110 Million
Reserves:33 Million Metric Tons
Mining Rights in Place
Out Right Sale or Joint Venture

Ref no. CJ4

Coal Mine Greenfields - Northern Cape
I have a comprehensive document on the above
The document of about 50 pages can be forwarded, should a serious buyer be interested
* Greenfields - two farms
* $35 mil USD
* Outright buy
* Good product - 42% Mn
* Location: near transport infrastructure
* Prospecting licenses in order
* 3 months from buy to operational stage

Ref no. CJ5

Coal Mine/Farm for sale in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (brown fields)

Farm Size 1110 HA with 2 houses and total infrastructure. Asking price R10.5 million.
Commodity Type: Coal Anthracite, export quality

 Estimated quantity 94 MT (on both seems)

Documents Available
Geologist report: is done on one of the seems
Mining report: Drilling report
Prospecting approval has expired (Advocates will resubmit)

Mining life span 20-30 years 

Ref no. CJ6

Coal Mine For Sale in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
Price R1.85 Billion
R35 Million monthly turnover. 
Open Cast Mining 5%
100,000,000 tons reserve
Mining 200,000 tons per month. C grade coal. Export potential.
Agents welcome to contact us on behalf of Principals.

We have various Coal Mines For Sale in South Africa. Open Cast, Underground, Brownfields, Greenfields and Operational. All grades of Coal from Coking to C-Grade.

Joint Ventures, International, National, BEE and Full Buyouts

Call right now to arrange more info, POP and POF, TTM's

Call Cornelius on 082 829 6472 or JAP on 083 2544 297


We can currently provide A Grade Coal ex USA.....

A Grade Up to 1 Million tons available per month at $60 US  FOT plus 3.5% commissions  (price is subject to final negotiations between the mine and the Buyers).
C Grade up to 600 000 tons per month available FOT at R145 including R5 commissions.

"Incoterms 1990"
All contracts and documentation used should preferably refer to the Phrase " Incoterms 2000".
 Feel free to click on the link to view definitions of Terms Frequently used.

This is a fresh update of Coal, Slots, Mines and other Minerals currently available from us 
Please complete our master NCNDA
Coal Update
To Sell "A" Grade Coal for export you need:
POF - Proof of Funds and
POP - Proof of Product which must include the following 4 items at the very least
i) Slots at RBCT or Maputo
ii) TRF rail numbers
iii) Recent SGS or SABS Quality reports
iv) A Sellers Mandate letter from the Board of the mine that you may sell their coal
(SGS Quantity report will also be needed if a SPOT Transaction)
Too many guys are running around in SA claiming to have POP or POF in place.
It seems as if most do not have a clue what the minimum requirements are (please check the minimum requirements above again).
You may have 1 million tons of coal to sell, but without slots, the deal simply cannot work.
You must make sure everything is in place.
Sellers and Buyers are normally not be prepared to show you their funds or product to agents.
This is for fear of "brokers" making copies of their documents and running around with it.
So how can we make sure Buyers and Sellers come to the Final TTM with everything needed?
We propose that they both sign our AA (Appointment-Agreement) before the meeting.
They should sign and agree to the terms of the agreement before the appointment is confirmed.
In this agreement they agree to pay the Business arranging the meeting,
a R50 000 penalty payment if they do not produce full POP or POF, or do not pitch for the confirmed meeting.
If they are not prepared to sign such a penalty agreement, they probably do not have the POP or POF and you should consider not wasting your time with them.
Some Brokers are known to use the POF as leverage to get mines to give them product. 
If you go to a meeting with such broker he will tell you that he has POP in place before the meeting,
but when you get there he has none, having wasted your time with lies.
Unfortunately such brokers loose their name very quickly and are known by the other Commodity Brokers as fakes, not to be trusted.
Consider the following:
SA only export about 90 million tons of coal per year (i.e.+- 7.5 million tons per month).
If you want to sell 500 000 tons A Grade, you need to understand that it is a lot of coal and our available SA infrastructures has limits in its capacities.
Another problem is Circumvention.
If another Broker has been involved in helping you find Buyers or Sellers, they should be included in commission agreements and be paid accordingly.
If a person simply sends you a name without being involved in the transaction in any way, they should at least qualify for a once off  "referral commission"
(such intentions should be discussed with the referring agent beforehand to prevent circumvention and legal problems).
We are being paid to Sell products and selling is tough (that's why sales people are the highest paid in the World).
Referring Buyers or Sellers is simple and easy!
No Slots?
We have quality Coal available from the USA and Colombia (see below)!
Why not sell your Chinese or Indian Buyers this coal?
USA B Grade is equal to South African A Grade (very high quality steam coal)
The USA Coal is A Grade which is better than SA A Grade.

ONE MILLION TONS A Grade available FOT at $65 US - Buyers MUST have own rail and OWN Slots!!  Take note this is a FOT offer-Serious Buyers only. High Quality Coal.

A Grade Sellers?
Do you have FULL Proof of Product with
1) Proof Of Slots
2) Proof of Rail Numbers
3) Recent SGS Quality reports (and Quantity reports for SPOT deals)
4) Signed original Mandate document from the mine
for any amount of A Grade Coal?
We do have the Buyers, ready with their Proof of Funds and ready to sign final contracts
Please contact us as soon as possible on 079 872 33399 if you can assist. 

A Grade USA- 4 Million ton per month A Grade available at $80 US FOB ex USA NCNDA-USA
(Specs are available to serious buyers)

We are urgently looking for more slots at RBCT itself.
We are prepared to "piggy back" on existing slot owner's slots!
Slot Buyers
Buyers need to provide TRF (Transnet Rail Freight) numbers 
Payment - first three months payable in advance.
Buyers with Proof of Funds (POF) welcome.
DRY Bulk Coal slots available in Richards Bay Harbour at $30.30 per ton including storage, loading and offloading charges.

Colombian Coal
B Grade available at $72 plus 4 Dollars commissions- From 50 000 to  500 000 tons per month is available. This coal is in many ways equivalent to SA's A Grade Coal

We have Chrome available Ex Rustenburg at $128 FOT 10 000 pm 42.5% and
From Steelpoort area 5000 tons for first 3 months then increased to 10 000 tons per month at $133 per ton.

Chrome, Gold and Diamonds 
If you do have product available or have willing and able Buyers, please let us know. We will help where we can.


Coal Mine/Farm for sale in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (brown fields)

Farm Size 1110 HA with 2 houses and total infrastructure. Asking price R11.5 million.
Commodity Type: Coal Anthracite, export quality
Estimated quantity 94 MT (on both seems)

Documents Available
Geologist report: is done on one of the seems
Mining report: Drilling report
Prospecting approval has expired (Advocates will resubmit)

Mining life span 20-30 years

MINE BUYERS: We have Buyers for Between R2.5 Billion and R3.3 Billion wanting Mines (especially Coal mines) very urgently. Greenfields welcome but especially Operational mines wanted.
Small quantities Coal wanted - Buyers for smaller quantities Coal -They want 2 / 20 / 30 ton per time - Can you help?
First steps from Buyers
1) Signed LOI issued to LISTALL with full contact details (already protected by signed NCNDA)
2) Proof of Funds - POF (From Bank/Comfort Letter from Lawyers, Accountants or Bank) or Letter of Credit (LC) 

Sellers must prove Product (POP)
1) FCO
2) SGS Quantity and Quality reports (SGS-QQ)
3) RBCT Slot numbers
4) Mandate document from mine giving the Seller permission to Sell the products
5) Rail Numbers (TRF)
PLEASE NOTE: ALL transactions are handled on a First one to Prove Funds and sign Contracts basis.

Incoterms 2000 ,  NCNDA , Appointment-Agreement , NCNDA-USA , Check Current RBI Rate , FOT&FOB ,

 ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order),  NCNDA IMFPADifference between LC and BG , MT 760 ,

International Transactions

Procedures to Sell:

1. Buyers sends ICPO + Soft Probe or BCL, NCNDA & IMFPA

2. FCO is Submitted to the Buyer

3. Buyer returns FCO signed and sealed with destination port PLUS POF, addresses to the Seller

4. Seller receives FCO and draft Contract to the Buyer

5. Buyer receives and make amendments to the draft Contract in red and return Contract to the Seller

6. Seller receives and review draft Contract, make amendments and approve Final Contract by signing the Contract

7. Buyer receives Final contract, sign the Contract and return a Copy to the Seller, keeping one original copy

8. Both Buyers and Sellers lodge Contracts in their respective Banks

9. Buyer's Bank sends to Sellers Bank MT760 conditioned with financial instruments as per the contract.

10. Seller's Bank sends to Buyer's Bank the POP plus 2% that will activate the Financial instruments and Contract Delivery begins.

Wanted URGENTLY: 100 000 to 500 000 tons A Grade Coal per month FOB at RBI +3.5% (standard Specs) in South Africa

Please call Louis right away if you can help or know where we can get product-It is very urgent please!

Call Louis Kearney on 079 872 3339 (email )


Coal for sale -Coal mines for Sale - A Grade Coal Wanted - A Grade, C Grade and Coking Coal offered - South Africa and International:

Please contact Louis on 079 872 3339 and email specs / requirements to

Wanted:  Coking Coal Mine in South Africa

International steel manufacturer looking to purchase Coking Coal mine. The Buyer has strong Financial backing for up to US$500 million for a good quality Coking Coal concession.

Please contact Louis on 079 872 3339 and email specs to

On Offer:  Gold Dust

Small scale mining Company in Ghana have gold dust for sale. Looking for reliable buyer and long term relationship.
PURITY:      96.5%
PRICE:        $20,500 PER KILO.

Please contact Louis on 079 872 3339 and email specs to

On Offer:  Grade A Steam Coal from USA - NCND-USA

We can offer you over 4 million metric tons of coal from the USA per month. We are selling them in 200,000 metric ton per month or more. The price of $80.00 FOB includes loading into vessel out of USA.

Spots deals will not be allowed unless it is a large volume - minimum 12 month contract.

Keep in mind we can contractually lock in the $80 FOB USA price for you for on 6+ years contracts.
The current trend does show that prices for coal will continue to go up.

The testing for this coal was done in March 2010 and it reflect a Grade A coal (in many ways much better than SA A-Grade Coal).

Inherent Moisture % +/- 7.46
Moisture plus minus 2.9
Ash plus minus 12.5
Volatile matter 29.0
Fixed carbon 56
Chlorine .24Sulfur 1.68
Caloric k 6752 b 12153
Fractional size plus minus 0 > 50

Please remember another advantage: This is from a metallurgical coal steam site which is being sold as steam coal that burns nice and hot and can be used as a filler in a 20 to 80 ratio with metallurgical coal.

The coal is not coming from the mine but from the discard pile (about 150 to 200 million ton in size with 30+% recoverable and coal pond (about 30 million ton in size).  Equipment to process the coal pile and pond are on site and they have already processed 5 million tons. 

There is no waiting queue to dock or load vessels. As soon as your ship comes in and is secure loading begins.

Buyers will be welcome to visit the mine once we have commission protection paperwork and proof of funds in place.

Procedures to buy USA Coal from us:
    Please complete and sign the  NCND-USA and forward the document to
2.    Buyer to present the Sellers with a (LOI) Letter of Intent (Issued to LISTALL) together with Comfort Letter  from their Lawyer or  Accredited Accounting Firm proving funds (POF) sufficient to purchase the coal (the amount provided for should cover at least the first assignment).
   We will forward you a full Lab / SGS Quality and Quantity Report for your review (POP-Proof of product).
   Buyer to send proof of funds/LC (Letter of Credit).
5.   Signing of the (MCP-SA) MASTER COAL PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT - Crude Purchase Agreement 
by both Buyers and Sellers.
6.  All funds to be
designated to a neutral  escrow account.
7.  Once the vessel is loaded the bank instruction will automatically wire the funds from the escrow account to the different parties.

Contact Louis on 079 872 3339 or email your specs (available or required) to

We expect all our Buyers to obtain a Comfort Letter from their lawyers to prove Funds.
This means that the Buyers should disclose  Proof of Funds to their own (or our Lawyer) who should then check the documents provided for legitimacy and contact the Bank/Financial institution who issued to the Proof of Funds documents to verify that the funds do indeed exist, that they did indeed issue the documents and that everything is legal and above board.

Greenfields with very large Coal Deposits - Asking price R40 Million (South Africa)

For more information contact Louis on 083 281 2709 - Please forward your detailed requirements including details of your Budget to (please do not expect detailed information from us if you cannot prove funds). Information is completely confidential and will only be disclosed to serious, willing and able buyers. Complete NCNDA-Greenfields please.

Slots wanted at Richards Bay Coal Terminal (slots RBCT) - We are urgently looking for slots for A Grade Coal. To piggy back or to lease on longer term contract (at least 12 months -max 60 months). If you can assist or put us in contact with someone who can assist, please call Louis very urgently on 079 872 3339 or send email as urgent to

OIL for sale - Two Million Barrels BILCO AVAILABLE PER MONTH. If interested please complete the NCNDA-OIL and forward to

Please contact me for more info.
Email me
Phone me at +27(0)12-8070330 (a/h)
Fax me at +27(0)866 124 303
Mobile nr +27(0)83 281 2709

Louis Kearney


We require our Buyers to obtain a Comfort Letter from their lawyers to prove Funds.
This means that the Buyers should disclose  Proof of Funds to their own (or our Lawyer) who should then check the documents provided for legitimacy and contact the Bank/Financial institution who issued to the Proof of Funds documents to verify that the funds do indeed exist, that they did indeed issue the documents and that everything is legal and above board.

What is the typical definition of a Comfort Letter or a Letter of Comfort?  An accounting firm's statement (or Lawyers Statement) provided to a company preparing for a public offering, confirming that un-audited financial data in the prospectus follows GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) , and that no significant changes have occurred since the report was prepared.

Please complete our master NCNDA then contact me Louis Kearney on 079 872 3339
or on 012-751 6050 (a/h) for more details


Clients please communicate and give us feedback using the special feedback form provided below!

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